adValorem Public Affairs - Expert and operational lobbying


We give you the strategic info you need about the future of your sector, thanks to a tight political and regulatory monitoring and our regular contacts with influencers and decision makers.

Analysis and Preparation

In collaboration with your teams, we help you integrate the political and regulatory dimensions in your overall business strategy and elaborate the background documents and presentations for your meetings with authorities (memos, white papers, slide shows, etc.).


Together with you, we devise and design the best possible strategy to reach your public engagement and influence goals.


We help you integrate the public debate as a stakeholder in setting-up your meetings with the key influencers and decision makers (Government, Parliament, regulators), and drafting the arguments and key messages in order to reach the goals.

adValorem’s interventions rely on the following distinctive capacities


A rapid access to key information and a strong reactivity

2 working languages – French and English

A diversified track-record of more than 20 years, acquired both in the public and the private sectors. A tangible knowledge of business strategy, policy and regulation.

Creativity in the search of answers and solutions

A result-oriented approach

A proven experience of management and problem solving in the fields of media, Digital, sports, entertainment, as well as transportation and retail distribution.

Political and regulatory monitoring

A foreign government wants to benefit from a regular analysis of the French political situation with a particular attention to the reputation of this country among French decision makers.

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Mapping of decision makers

One of the leading European firms in the field of Entertainment wants to identify the persons likely to have an impact on the evolution of its sector (national and Brussels levels).

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Action plans

A multinational company intends to build from scratch an outreaching campaign towards French institutions.

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Engagement with stakeholders and decision makers

With the view of diversifying its activities, a company wants to interact with the French world of culture and media, as welle as with decision makers (regulators, MPs) in charge of those sectors.

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Driving economic or regulatory studies

A European company intends to extend its geographical scope through a development in a new territory.

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Building alliances

An industry directly impacted by the digital revolution is giving thought to the best way to alert Brussels on its adaptation issues.

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adValorem had the honor of performing missions for

Ernst & Young

Our team

Arnaud Decker

LinkedIn TwitterArnaud DECKER

Managing Partner

Arnaud assists companies and their CEOs in their strategies towards public decision makers. He has 20 years of track-record in strategy and lobbying – an experience he acquired in major companies as well as in the public sector.

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LinkedIn TwitterMatis PELLERIN


Matis joined adValorem in 2014 to manage the operational support of one international client and coordinate the analysis and monitoring actions of the consultancy.

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